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We have developed and continuously upgrade the EuroFormulations software to more effectively integrate the different elements of the tinting system. This software for tinting systems sets the standard with features that are unique in terms of control and management, functionality and universal compatibility.
EuroFormulations is a modular system that incorporates the most modern technologies, like the cloud and an innovative app that creates value for paint producers and their final customers, putting them in direct, continuous contact for the first time, wherever they are.


The heart of the EuroFormulations4 system is the cloud architecture that enables real-time monitoring of the customer’s tintometers via the internet (in a restricted area), analysing the primary functional parameters like distribution, quantities used and other relevant information. The data collected can be easily analyzed in detail, using the integrated monitoring tools available online, or downloaded for other purposes.


Euroformulatsions4 is a modular system that offers various licence levels having different services and costs. This enables each customer to choose the most appropriate tool, with a price based on the features. Given that the market is continually evolving and needs change quickly, customers can add new features at any time with a simple licence upgrade. This can be done by users in the MyLicenze area of the website devoted to the Euroformulations4 download.


Quality is now a strategic factor of competitiveness – EuroColori helps you meet this challenge with the Euroforumlations4 MyQuality module, which provides continuous control over the quality of the paints produced.


Today’s market rewards customized products, but also emphasizes prompt production and full service. The MySearch module makes all this possible, providing a powerful tool that enables quick, easy colour matching with exceptional precision.

Understand customers and communicate with them like never before

Know the market and the buying behaviour and preferences of final customers (private or professional). And communicate with each of them through targeted marketing actions, and loyalty and incentive programmes. And also immediately verify the effects of promotional activities, developing a communication strategy that is always effective and able to achieve objectives.

With EuroColori, all of this is now possible thanks to Identikolor, an advanced, modular platform that uses the most modern technology to put paint producers directly in contact with colour professionals. All this, as well as exclusive benefits for all other components of the supply line.

Because Eurocolori believes and invests in innovation to help its customers achieve success.

4 Strategic Benefits


An easier, faster, more efficient buying experience

The app guides professionals in selecting the colour in the tinting system, suggests the most appropriate types of paint for different applications, offers possible coordinated colours based on harmonic relationships, and directly communicates from any location the colour selected to the point of sale for immediate preparation.

The IdentiKolor app also integrates with Cube, one of the most sophisticated portable colorimeters available on the market, to measure and identify colours with the utmost precision and freedom, in any location and under any lighting. The results are automatically compared with formulas in the database, and can be immediately converted into an order at the point of sale.


Customer loyalty and incentives

The revolution is here! Starting today, your tintometer at the point of sale becomes a tool for developing customer loyalty, thanks to the IdentiKolor and EuroFormulations4 suite. Each order can be associated with a particular final customer who has the app and the associated loyalty programme.

You can freely create your own rewards system, send personalized promotional messages directly to the customer’s smartphone, and monitor the customer’s buying behaviour.


All information on the market, in real time

Purchases by final customers are recorded in the EuroFormulations4 cloud database and continually updated in real time. This enables an easy yet thorough analysis of sales trends, including the purchase choices of each individual professional.


Customized, effective marketing campaigns

Through the app, you can send and manage targeted marketing campaigns that can be tailored to each individual professional, thanks to the buying behaviour information recorded in the cloud. All this is available at no cost, guaranteeing the utmost efficiency.

5 steps for a fully customized project

Choose all the benefits of the IdentiKolor platform – we will create a project that is customized to meet your specific needs, can be implemented quickly and does not require significant investment in infrastructure.


Install EuroFormulations4 or, if it is already installed, complete a simple, fully-automated system upgrade


Customize the app’s graphics with your company colours and logo


Freely define your loyalty programme


Promote installation of the app by your final customers


Immediately begin monitoring your sales in real time and create your targeted promotions

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